Miramare Castle

White, set between the blue sea and the green park surrounding it, Miramare Castle is enchanting. Built between 1856 and 1860, the castle was commissioned by Maximilian of Hapsburg and was the residence of the Archduke and his wife, Princess Charlotte of Belgium until 1864.

According to legend, Maximilian fell in love with the Bay of Grignano, where the castle stands, when he sought refuge there during a storm. He wanted to build a princely residence here in white Istrian stone, surrounded by a botanic garden, where he could live with his beloved wife.

The castle has preserved its original interior, with the intimate atmosphere of the private apartments on the first floor and the splendor of the reception rooms on the second floor. The lush park surrounding the castle thrives with exotic plants, personally selected by the Archduke who was fond of botany. Maximilian asked the architects to design a splendid terrace around the manor, where he could stroll with his wife and where you can still enjoy the magnificent view of the Gulf of Trieste today.

In 1864, Maximilian of Hapsburg was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico and soon after set sail from Trieste for Central America, left to his fate by his allies, he was executed by Republican forces in 1867. Charlotte of Belgium, her mental health compromised, returned to Miramare but was unable to bear the loss of her husband so she was brought back to Belgium, where she died in 1927.

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