The beaches of Trieste are part of the city, its culture and traditions. In Trieste, they say “Going to the bath” to mean they are going to the beach, it takes a second to reach the beach resorts and public beach from the city center, where Triestini even stop just for a swim in the crystal blue sea and then get back to their daily routines.

From Barcola up to Muggia, there is a succession of beach resorts. The renowned Lanterna, called “el Pedocin” where men and women have separate areas divided by a wall; Ausonia, created in the 1930s, futuristic at the time and still offering numerous services today; Topolini, frequented by mothers and children: the beaches of Trieste offer an occasion to spend a day in a unique setting.

These are only a few of the beaches in Trieste: ask our reception staff for recommendations and information; they will be happy to help you enjoy the sea of Trieste.