Around Trieste: a day trip to Muggia

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After exploring the historic center of Trieste in search of its most Instagram-friendly places, we take you to a nearby and equally photogenic spot. A colorful fishing village with a holiday atmosphere, Muggia is one of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Trieste during the summer weekends.

Day trip to Muggia Trieste

Where is Muggia and how to get there

Looking at a map, you will notice that Muggia is at the end not only of our Region but of the Country: it is in all respects the only Italian city in the Istrian peninsula, the last municipality before reaching the border crossing with Slovenia.

Trieste and Muggia are separated by a small bay and the easiest and most fascinating way to reach the town is therefore by sea, with a crossing of about half an hour from the Bersaglieri pier. At the pier and on the website of Trieste Trasporti you can find the timetables and updated costs of the ticket, which can be purchased directly on board. Alternatively, you can also get to Muggia by car or by bus, with line n. 20 from Trieste Central Station.

Mandracchio Muggia

Day trip to Muggia: what to see and do 

Colorful and lively, Muggia immediately projects into a relaxed holiday atmosphere in the Mediterranean: no wonder the Italian magazine Dove Viaggi has recently included it among the 15 most beautiful villages with harbor in Italy. Despite being very close to Trieste, Muggia has several features in common with Venice, thanks to the long domination of the Serenissima, which was entrusted by the citizens since 1420 to protect themselves from the incursions of other Maritime Republics. The narrow streets, the colorful buildings overlooking the sea, but also many recipes that you will find on the menus of restaurants are based on the Venetian tradition. And speaking of restaurants, it is worth pointing out that among the reasons why the people of Trieste love to spend a day in Muggia there are many traditional taverns, where you can enjoy excellent fresh fish.

As soon as you reach the city, the visit of Muggia starts from his “Mandracchio”, among the few of this kind survived in Italy. Once widespread, these particular harbours served to gather in a protected area and near the village many small boats. Even today, the boats arrive close to the houses, gathered in a cove that goes to the heart of Muggia.

Piazza Marconi Muggia

The nerve centre of Muggia is Piazza Marconi, with historic buildings including the Town Hall and the Gothic Venetian Cathedral dedicated to Saints John and Paul. Not far away is the Castle of Muggia, a fourteenth-century fortress that dominates the town and has been recently restored by the current owners, the sculptor Villi Bossi and his wife Gabriella Bossi. You can visit the Castle and its gardens with the guide of the Bossi family, booking in advance.

Depending on the time available you can explore the archaeological park of Muggia Vecchia or visit one of the city’s museums, for example the Museum of Modern Art dedicated to the sculptor and designer Ugo Carà. For our part, we advise you to reserve some time for simple relaxation: lose yourself in the narrow streets of the city center, walk along the Mandracchio and enjoy the atmosphere of this cozy seaside village with a good ice cream on the seafront.

Once you have admired the sunset, it will be time to return to the DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste after a rich day trip to Muggia.