The most Instagram-friendly places in Trieste

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From disposable machines with film to be dosed with care, to the first digital cameras until the advent of modern smartphones, the tool can be changed but the underlying desire remains the same: we have always been looking for the best views for souvenir photos to take home with us.

For you social travelers looking for the perfect shot, here is a guide to the most Instagram-friendly places in Trieste: 10 spots to see, photograph and share.

Piazza Unità d'Italia Trieste

Piazza Unità d’Italia

It is the heart of the entire city and one of the most beautiful squares in Italy: it can only start from here the search for the most photogenic places of Trieste. Piazza Unità d’Italia, overlooking the sea and surrounded by stunning historic buildings, can be photographed from the Molo Audace that extends to the Adriatic for 200 meters.

Canal Grande

Not far from Piazza Unità d’Italia you can reach the Canal Grande of Trieste, crossed by the Ponte with the statue dedicated to James Joyce. Built as a hub of the Borgo Teresiano and its mid-eighteenth century businesses, the only navigable canal in the city is today the place where the people of Trieste love to gather for a coffee, an aperitif or a photo at sunset.

Luoghi da vedere a Trieste: Canal Grande

Lighthouse of Victory

As in any respectable seaside city, Trieste cannot miss a lighthouse. The imposing “Faro della Vittoria” – Lighthouse of Victory – was built after the Great War and is still one of the most fascinating monuments to visit in the city, with its about 60 meters in white Istrian stone. If you prefer a panoramic shot, from April to October you can climb up to the terrace on top for a beautiful view of Trieste.

Giant’s Scale

The same architect who designed our Hotel – Arduino Berlam, in this case together with his father Ruggero – also designed the Giant’s Scale, Neoclassical staircase that connects the ‘modern’ center of Trieste to its oldest area around the Castle of San Giusto. It offers beautiful views both from below, with the Scala that seems to turn into a pedestal for the Obelisk of Montuzza, and from above with the city and the traffic of Via Silvio Pellico at your feet.

Revoltella Museum

Another scenic place not to be missed in Trieste is the Revoltella Museum. The Museum exhibits an interesting collection of modern art, but here we recommend a visit for another reason: in the renovated building designed by Carlo Scarpa there is a beautiful roof terrace, now used for events in the summer. You can check the official website here for the opening nights, so you can enjoy one of the best views of the center of Trieste.

Castello Miramare Trieste

Castle of Miramare

A few kilometers north from the historic center you reach the Castle of Miramare, which stands on the tip of a promontory overlooking the sea and surrounded by a beautiful park. Miramare is one of the places not to be missed during a trip to Trieste and since it offers several unmissable views, it is also a perfect destination for all photography enthusiasts. You can buy tickets for the castle directly at the hotel and visit it during the Panoramic Tour Hop On Hop Off: ask for all the information at the Front Office.

Antiquarian bookstore Umberto Saba

If you are looking for unusual places with the atmosphere of olden days, the first address you have to save is Via San Nicolò n. 30/B, just behind the DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste. Books bundled to occupy any free space, prints, photographs and an old Olivetti at the center of the counter: in the antiquarian bookstore belonged to Umberto Saba time seems to have stopped. A real gem not to be missed and one of the most Instagram-friendly places in Trieste.

Libreria antiquaria Umberto Saba

Drogheria Toso

A second related address is the historic Drogheria Toso, in Piazza San Giovanni, founded in 1906 and remained in many respects the same. In glass jars and well-ordered boxes on the shelves you can find anything, from candy to spices, sold by weight. It will be difficult not to be fascinated and take dozens of colorful photos.

The Historical Cafés

If you are passionate about the atmosphere of the past, do not miss a stop at one or more of the historic cafés in Trieste. Gathering places for writers, intellectuals and politicians of the last century, several of these premises have retained their charm. In this article we have recommended 5 historical cafés to visit during a trip to Trieste.

Caffè storici di Trieste

Post Office Piazza Vittorio Veneto

The historic buildings of Trieste are one of the largest riches of the city, along streets and squares are decorated facades that often hide beautifully preserved buildings. It is worth, for example, to enter the Post Office of Piazza Vittorio Veneto, a traditional Habsburg building that also houses the Postal and Telegraph Museum of Central Europe.

DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste and Berlam Coffee Tea & Cocktail

And speaking of historic buildings and Instagram-friendly places in Trieste, we can not fail to mention the DoubleTree by Hilton as an extra tip! Our hotel is housed in a building from the early twentieth century and has preserved many original design elements, such as the imposing fountain at the entrance. For a perfect photo (or to rest after all these shots) we suggest you go up to the first floor and reach the Berlam, our coffee in pure Central European style. In addition to being an ideal place for coffee, tea or cocktails depending on the time of day, it is also incredibly photogenic: admire it to believe.

Berlam Coffee Tea Cocktail - DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste