Grotta Gigante Cave

A journey to the center of the earth is an experience that has fascinated humans since the dawn of time, which can be relived during a visit to the Grotta Gigante of Trieste.

An enormous and spectacular cave in the Carso subsoil, the Grotta Gigante offers the excitement of descending for almost 1,000 meters along an 850-meter path into extraordinary beauty. A magical journey among stalactites and stalagmites, unparalleled in other caves in Trieste, skillfully illustrated by the welcome center guides who accompany visitors along the discovery of the enormous cave.

The visitor welcome center for the cave is the seat of the first Italian Speleological Museum. Since it was discovered in 1840, the Grotta Gigante has been studied by Italian and international scholars for its incredible environmental, geologic and archeologic wealth.

If you are wondering how you descend into the Grotta Gigante, there are 500 steps along the path that enables everyone to go down and come back up effortlessly.