Banksy in Trieste: an exhibition to discover the faceless artist

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Banksy has arrived in Trieste and within a couple of months has already conquered everyone, curious to discover something more about an artist so mysterious yet so familiar. Thanks to the exhibition, held at the Salone degli Incanti and obviously “unauthorized”, it is possible to retrace the career of the famous English writer with a particular look on his communication skills. If you are an admirer or just curious, do not miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition on Banksy in Trieste thanks to our special package that includes a stay and complimentary tickets: Banksy is in town.

Banksy The Great Communicator Trieste

The exhibition in Trieste: Banksy, The Great Communicator

The exhibition The Great Communicator – Banksy, curated by Gianni Mercurio and organized by PromoTurismoFvg in cooperation with Madeinart, focuses on one aspect in particular of Banksy’s work: its communicative power.

While it is true that part of his fame derives from the mystery that the artist has always left behind, from the still unresolved curiosity about who hides behind the pseudonym Banksy and his irreverent performances, it is equally true that it does not take a face to communicate. Indeed, Banksy knows how to take advantage of all the power of modern communication, not only with his murals and graffiti, but also with social media and with an Instagram profile that is today the main means to claim every message.

Every work of Banksy is a message, a social and political stance in the form of a simple and immediate metaphor. Especially when it comes to works dedicated to themes that have always been central in the artist’s communication: hatred for war and inequality, the denunciation of consumerism, the invitation to rebellion as a form of resistance.

Opere di Banksy a Trieste

The exhibition on Banksy in Trieste

Visiting the exhibition on Banksy in Trieste, one room after another through over 60 original works and reproductions, you can retrace the evolution of this great communicator. From the influences that inspired the artist and his modes of expression, to the maturation of those methods of irreverent communication that have made him enter the history of art by right.

There is also room for Banksy’s relationship with the musical environment, with the display of 37 original records’ covers created by the artist for Blur, Röyksopp and others: another, equally effective, way to convey a message in a simple and capillary.

Banksy a Trieste la mostra


How to visit the exhibition

It is no coincidence that the most complete exhibition on Banksy organized so far in Italy is located in Trieste, a border city of artists and rebels, where among other things there is an active scene of contemporary street art. It is therefore worth dedicating a few days not only to the exhibition on Banksy, but also to the open-air works in the center and on the outskirts of Trieste, starting from the many murals by Davide Comelli.

The exhibition The Great Communicator – Banksy (Unhautorized Exhibition) can be visited at the Salone degli Incanti until 10 April 2023. Staying at least two nights at the DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste, thanks to the Banksy in in town package you will receive a Friuli Venezia Giulia Card that includes free admission to the exhibition and other attractions of the city. The perfect opportunity to organize your next stay in Trieste.

Banksy - DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste