Excursions and hiking

Nestled between the Carso, a rocky plateau, and the Adriatic Sea, Trieste is in a fortunate location, the ideal starting point for discovering a territory rich in history and nature. Numerous opportunities for walking and cycling from the city gates to enchanting destinations.

Val Rosandra is a magical place to visit on foot or by mountain bike, along the Rosandra torrent, surrounded by pristine nature with a spectacular view of the sea.

The paths that cross the Natural Reserve of Falesie di Duino, immersed in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, offer a breathtaking view of the sea of Trieste, while the Strada Napoleonica is an easy walk, even with children, to admire the extraordinary landscape of the Gulf of Trieste.

These are only some of the hiking excursions and itineraries in Trieste. Ask our reception staff for recommendations and information. They will be happy to help you enjoy the nature around us.